Okavango Horse Safari Botswana

Zulu!Off To BotswanaSouthern AfricaBotswanaOkavango DeltaFlying In It Looks Desolate!First a PlaneThen a helicopterThe Delta beginsThe DeltaIslands and WaterIslands and WaterHorse Safari CampMy tentInsideHeading out in single fileJockey style for deeper waterFirst GameCape BuffaloCampfire at nightSunset in the mocoroThe Elephants in the treesWatching the elephants closelyBefore one charged and we galloped awayOur guideWalking the horses through tall grassThe landscape variesOrange and chocolate breakLunchMy friend DebbieMosquito Protection!DawnPreparing to swim the horsesThe landscapeThe landscapeAntelopeRiding the Thoroghbred ChucutuZebraYoung GiraffeThe GroupA break by the hipposHippo watchingHippo watching usTime to leave!Just in case but never usedDawnMy houseWaiting for me to leaveWanting to stealCruising in a mocoroAnother DawnBreakfastPreparing to swim againWe swim to campSwimmingSwimmingSwimmingHeading to campHeading to campCrocGallopingRiding ZuluGalloping What a great rideHorses grazing while guardedHorses returning from grazingBreakfastOn a reedNestingMore giraffe to ride withCrossing a bride in the Land RoverMy friends and happy hourThe Group!Buzzards near a killLeopardThe waiting room at the airport